ACES Primer, Glossary and Quick Start Guides - Get up and running with ACES!

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Are these guides translated into spanish? can you point me out where i can download and read them?

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Yes! We’ve just posted Spanish translations (above) for the 3 guides and the workflow sample that exist in English. Many thanks to Fabián Matas (colorbycontrast) for his great help in translating these!

There are more coming…

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I think there has been a fantastic job done by Fabián Matas González on the job of translating these documents into Spanish. I can´t wait for the Primer document to be translated as well.
Muchas gracias por tu contribución Fabián, una labor digna y nada desdeñable, muy buen trabajo.

That being said, for more than a decade I have been elaborating a dictionary of visual effects and CGI technical glossary in English-Spanish with the purpose of standardizing names and nomenclatures. It´s been a labor of love for me to do this and I still continue to add new terms. I work constantly with the Real Academia de la Lengua as they advise on how to properly do translations that conform to the rules of the Spanish language.

I would love to include in my glossary all the technical colour related terms. Does the Academy have an ACES glossary or a place where we can exchange technical colour related terms in Spanish and English so the translated documents all mean the same with the proper words? I would love to have some help on this from any colour masters here :slight_smile:


Hi Jon,
We don’t have a English/Spanish glossary. Let’s discuss! Feel free to Private Message me (stobenkin) on ACESCentral or email me at steve(at)

Steve T
ACES Adoption

Hi @jonbragado I wish I had your glossary when I had to do the translation, It was hard to translate some words !!! So I tried to maintain some anglicism since I thought It will be more confusing for the reader because some terms are ACES specific, like IDT ODT RRT etc… However I’m a big supporter to the idea to standarize the technical words in the post world to have a good spanish translation, for example I found hard to translate things that look simple like the word display.