ACESNext Shoot - Overview and goals

Done and ready! Thanks Francesco!

@alexfry @KevinJW @jedsmith
As promised here’s a list of clips and thumbnails that might be relevant to you.

I’ve exported everything, but I suggest to focus on reels E002 and E003. Here there is a description of each clip shot. Do consider that every clip has been shot at multiple exposure, pulling the lens aperture from a “good” exposure to wide open to full stop down. I tried to keep the nominal exposure to around 5.6 and considering that the lens had a range of 2.1>22 (if I’m not wrong), you should have 3/4 stops either way of exposure bracketing. Some shots have the different exposures within the same clip, some others have it as a separate clips. Anyway, let me know if any of it is of interest and I can guide you through. There is some high contrast stuff and some (many) highly saturated flowers under the roman sun that might come handy.

Let me know your thoughts, hope it helps!

PS Thumbnails are in the native camera log format. E002 and E003 is SLog3/SGamut3.


Thanks so much for posting these thumbnails Francesco! I had a quick look through and identified the following as potentially useful images for display transform testing.

If you have time it would be cool to add these to our set of test images I think! Camera raw format would be great and would provide the most flexibility, but whatever is easiest for you to pull out.

guy in front of lights

other guy in front of lights

candles in a row

night shot with tail lights

man in the shade


garden sunlight

sunlight roman buildings

sunlight yellow flowers

some punk in a sunset

chittanooga saloon with weird trees

tail lights driving, sunset

Sounds good
I’ll start pulling these out as RAW and EXRs

I love the shot descriptions!

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Hey Jed and all,
content is uploading on the Dropbox via @sdyer (thanks for the help!). You have your requested shots. For some of the shots you have only requested one exposure, but I have added all of the other exposures as well, so you can choose.

I have made EXR and pulled the RAW, here’s there is a detailed description of what you gonna get:
ACES Shoot.xlsx (16.1 KB)

Hope it helps!

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That’s awesome, thank you so much @Giardiello !

I can’t seem to find the footage on the Output Transforms Images Submissions Dropbox - was it being uploaded to a different place? Just curious to start playing with them :slight_smile:

Scott was uploading on the Dropbox, but it might take him a little longer. In the meanwhile I’ll share it via our netflix system. You should be receiving some onboarding mails soon.

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Hi Francesco! i did received the content hub access and activate it but no content has been shared yet. When could i get access to these files?. Regards

Didn’t see anything yet so I went ahead and uploaded the selects I mentioned before as single frame raw and ap0 exr files to the dropbox in case there are others who are waiting for testing. Sorry it’s put there with my name, i didn’t realize it would prefix it into the filenames. Not intending to attribute these images to myself in any way…

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Pablo, I tried again to share it with you. I guess there was a problem on the vendor. I had to onboard you with a different company name. Check it out now.

Got it!! many thansk!