Dark areas solarisation in Resolve


Has anyone seen solarisation in shadow areas? If i have either low exposed material or graded dark i get solarisation in darks colors. After rendering it seems ok. Same image path and display used i REC space all seems good. All calibration is done from my Resolve with LighSpace with that exact image path so i assume calibration should be ok. Only thing that i can put my finger on for now is that Resolve rec709 display transform is somehow crushing it.

If you have any suggestions how to trace it better i would be grateful.

With the same issue i have i have also been thinking it there is a way to verify pipelines working in ACES somehow. For example to see if my monitor goes mad or maybe Resolve ODT is broken or such. Maybe it is there already and i just do not know about it as my knowledge is still limited a bit on the area.

Please advise.