How can I convert 200+srgb image or 1000+HDRI to ACEScg in same time?

Hi, everyone.

I have a question:
Is there some kind of convert tool in Nuke or standalone application to help users to finish the convert job…

If I have to choose death or convert 3000+Displacement map, 1000+Color map, 500+HDRI map by manual.
That’s tons of work, I choose to die. :rofl: :rofl:


I have listed on my website a series of ways to convert textures to ACEScg.

I have personally never tested any of these methods (except the Nuke one) since the softwares I use have an OCIO integration which allow me to use an IDT to convert on the fly. May I ask which software do you use ?



Hi Chris.

I use Maya and Houdini.

I have been tested batch converter node in Houdini and I also tested RenderMan-Utility-Manager-Nuke-script/ACEScg-Convertor by Amir Ashkezari in Nuke, but the results aren’t right.

The software RenderMan Utility Manager 0.6.1 by Amir Ashkezari, It looks pretty convenient, but I don’t know how to install it, because This utility require the following softwares to operate:
RenderMan Pro Server 21.0+
Intel Open Image Denoise example

I’m quite confused.

No worries Gw950619 ! Let’s try to clear things up. :wink:

If I understood correctly, you work with Maya and Houdini, two softwares that have a proper good OCIO inmplentation. Which makes me wonder for which purpose you need to convert +1200 maps to ACEScg ? Since they should convert automatically in the software…

Sorry I cannot help with the install. I’m not familiar with Renderman.



The reason I don’t want to convert automatically in software, because if I want to set textures to the right colorspace, I have to handle manually in Houdini. Right?

If all my local asset library files are already converted to ACEScg colorspace, then I don’t have to manually divide which ones belong to Utility-sRGB-Texture, which ones belong to Utility-Linear-sRGB, which ones belong to Utility-Raw every time.

@gw950619: It does make a lot of sense to convert your entire library to ACEScg as it avoids any question about what the texture colourspace is, it is actually common practise in many studios.

Did you try oiiotool from OpenImageIO? Alternatively, it would be relatively easy to write a Python script that does that with Colour.



BTW, which OS are you on?

I use Win10, and I’m sorry, I don’t have any programming experience. :sob:

:frowning: This is certainly a task that would probably benefit from programming love!

Interesting ! Thanks Thomas !
We did not choose to convert our textures at the studio mainly for two reasons :

  • Disk space, we are talking terabytes here (as you are well aware).
  • Legacy assets (with already generated mipmaps…).

But it is very interesting information ! We could/should definitely look at that in the long-term.


Hello @gw950619,

would you be interested to test this tool and give feedback about it ?
Creating a standalone image colorspace converter for ACES

It might be useful for you.


MY GOD! It’s so cool!

oh! It’s Liam! I love his ACES Utility, Pretty useful script in Maya!

What I say, Engineer is GOD!

Thanks for specifically reminding me, Christophe!
YOU ARE SO KIND :star_struck: