How do I output to vimeo (w/ rec709 gamma 2.4) without gamma lift?

Hi, I’m brand new here, but I thought I’d bring my question here…

basically I have a Davinci Resolve project working with ACEScct color science and I can’t seem to get parody between my Rec709 Gamma 2.4 output/reference and what I’m seeing on Vimeo. I understand that Vimeo forces 1-2-1 tagged videos to 1-1-1, causing the notorious and dreaded gamma lift. Where I’m at now, is that I’m trying to figure the best way to generate a 1-1-1 Rec709 that matches what I’m seeing on the rec709 reference monitor and 1-2-1 Quicktime ProRes 444 render. I tried using a CST node to convert the gamma from 2.4 to 2.2… but I’m still seeing noticeable shifts in color. I tried the ‘ultimate’ solution for this problem in this video: QUICKTIME COLOR MANAGEMENT...WHY SO MANY ISSUES!!! - YouTube … but still I can’t get 1-1-1-tagged outputs to match the original grade.

So my question is, if I’ve graded using ACES in a rec709 gamma 2.4 project, how do I get as close to a match on vimeo?

There is no short answer to the problem but have a look at this video. Hopefully that gives some insights.