OCIO in AfterEffects has no Output-Transforms?

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I really appreciate that Aftereffects finally has OCIO support. Still I don’t get their intended workflow completely.
2 things are missing as far as I can see:

  1. There are no display-output transforms in the outputmodule of the render queue. So I still have to do that by using the good fnord plugin and do the output/display transform myself. For the viewer the transform are there. At least there is now no more an additional sRGB gamma transform when sending to AdobeMediaEncoder.

  2. There is no invert output sRGB possibillity. I know, I know … we should not do that. But there is still no other way as far as I know to put in sRGB and REC709 footage in a ACEScg composition without changing the look significantly. Again: fnord’s wonderfull plugin comes to the rescue.

Again workarounds. Those things make it very hard for a beginner in an ACES workflow that assumes that the software company knows what they are doing.

Anything I missed? Or missunderstood?
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Hi Peter,

I followed their beta development on OCIO and pointed out that for a proper OCIO workflow there are just a tremendous amount of features still missing. Yet they felt the need to release it apparently about a week ago. They say that they have improvements planned down the line but we’ll have to see whether that happens in a timely manner.

The least we can do is voice our opinion on it. The more the better. Have a look at the main thread on the beta forum. https://community.adobe.com/t5/after-effects-beta-discussions/welcome-to-native-ocio-aces-support-in-after-effects/td-p/13276170

If you check ‘Show All’ it will show the display spaces all the way at the bottom of the list.

OCIODisplay effect is missing, as is OCIOLookTransform, making use of RGC impossible at the moment.

If you want to use OCIO AE at the moment I think it’s best to do it with ACES 1.2 so you don’t need to insert fnord’s plugin for RRT+ODT inverses. You won’t be able to utilize the 1.3 features anyway unless you need their newly added color spaces.

Thanks Shebbe,

Ah, right. Somehow I overlooked that. So that’s solved. Kind of :slight_smile:

I am so used to those workaround workflows in Aftereffects for so many, many years now, that I have no big problem using all the available tools. (Not to mention ACES and Photoshop :roll_eyes: )

And I really like the fnord-Plugin :slight_smile: It made it all possible already years ago when support hotlines of some applications replied with “Aces what? What’s that?”. When I was asking when we can expect implementation. :man_shrugging:

So thanks again!


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Hey Peter, Jacob here again,

Just hijacking this thread to plug a tutorial I made showing the ACES workflow in AE: Compositing CG in After Effects Just Got Easier - YouTube