Out of gamut reds in ACEScct from Sony Venice

Hi community!
I have a project that features LED brake lights and they are out of gamut in ACEScct and causing very bad solarisation. Is there an official Red Light fix LMT, similar to the blue light academy LMT fix?

I thought the “blue light fix” is a general “Gammut fix” that solves all hot primary colors. But I don’t know.
I suppose you have already tried the “blue light fix” on that project?

Hi Peter, yes I have the blue LMT on already as it also has LED police blue lights flashing!

Have you tried Jed´s Gamut Compressor ?

It gives good results for what you are trying to achieve.


The so-called “Blue Light Fix” that has long been available is no longer recommended.
As of v1.3, the official Gamut Compression is recommended for helping to fix ‘hot’ colors.
See Reference Gamut Compress User Guide

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Thanks Scott, good to know this info!