Rendering intent

Hi to all,

Looking into understanding more the science behind gamut mapping etc… Was wondering if someone could inform me on what ACES uses for redering intent of colors: perceptual, relative, absolute or some fancy new way of doing it?

Any info would be great.


It does not fit neatly into the ICC profile definitions.

It references to a mid-grey rather than a white as in the ICC.
Further it does play with saturation in order to match between outputs. (whether
with the tone curve or explicit operation on Sat)

If I had to pick one, I would say the intent is perceptual – just not in the exact way
that ICC means it. We wanted a useable match between outputs so that one grade
could be applied in multiple output contexts.


Very cool… It seems that it’s more “natural” looking that when using a straight lut (to go from P3 to 709 for example). I always find that my trim passes are much easier and atrightforward in ACES.