Results from an IDT evaluation

As promised. I have organized and stripped down the data to make it easier to share.

For those who just want the spectral sensitvity data, each directory has a file named “ss_CameraManufacturer_Model.txt” which is tab-delimited 380-780nm in 2nm increments (interpolated from the 5nm sampled monochromator measurements)

For those that want to duplicate the experiment, I have uploaded the camera raw files. You can process these yourself to linear TIFFs using dcraw and then do extraction of the RGB values per wavelength capture to derive the spectral sensitivities.
I also included the power measurement file from the monochromator rig as well as the lens transmission.
“sampled_rgb.txt” is the averaging each of the 91 monochromator files representing wavlengths from 350-800nm in 5nm increments.

The entire package can be browsed and selectively downloaded or downloaded as a whole from this Dropbox link

@nick @Thomas_Mansencal the python will have to wait, but there is interest in re-doing it that way for similar analysis work that likely might be done with motion picture cameras as part of the imminent IDT VWG (although that group will be focusing on the inconsistency in ISO ratings and recommendations for getting nominally exposed images to come in closer to [0.18, 0.18, 0.18] - i.e. less need for the one-time correction I mention was needed in the conclusion)