Rookie - Setup ACES in Resolve with HDR Display

Hey Jean!

Thanks a lot for the info! I just sent you a message, but yeah, things move a little bit slow within a big company, and it is indeed the case that we are using proprietary tech (RE Engine) we are halfway in implementing OCIO/ACES in our color management and our goal is to have a step where we render the game in ACEScc to have live color grading sessions using Davinci, so far so good, but I think that I would totally have some questions moving forward, so would definitely bug you any day now :smiley:

We will totally look into that monitor, at least to get one for the time being, it’s a bit sad to have my PQ clamped at 300 T-T, I guess that maybe since the plan would be to get several of those monitors might as well try to do the investment on the latest tech, since for now I’m still on the validation/workflow design I was told that we can still wait a bit.