Why this happens?

Hello guys, i’m curious why in Affinity Photo i have to set it to RAW ( ACES ) instead of sRGB ( ACES ) also why when i change the exposure it reveals some differences?

Another interesting thing happens if i change to ICC Display Transform the image matches alot better, but only when exposed, when i set back to +0 Exposure it doesn’t match anymore.

Guide followed ( everything works different for him ):


You have to set it to “sRGB” which is (the full name of the ODT) “ACEScg_output_sRGB”. This is your display transform. Setting RAW as a display transform will not work.

Note: This is for preview purposes. You’ll have to add one or two OCIO layers:

  • one for the conversion if you need to convert
  • and one for the ODT (output_sRGB in your case)


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Update: I’ve just added this post: https://community.acescentral.com/t/acescg-in-affinity-photo which includes some useful links.

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