A. Le Coq 1807 - TVC grading

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Hope it is fine to share some more work here. I get them done and i stay on ACES as it is my go to color system now even if some users are not happy with print like feel (i personally like it a lot)

Just recently finished grading job for beer commercial.

Shot on Arri Mini and graded in Resolve Studio 12.5.5 in ACEScc.

Challenges i had there was strong look already in camera and some strong over and under exposure outside shots.

In the end it feels we got decent yet strongly stylised look despite rather tinted material from the camera. It was intentional to have overall brownish look and feel spiced with some blue highlights and tinted shirts.

Hope you like it.

Margus Voll, C.S.I.

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Very cool! I can see where you might of struggled with some shots (the bridge shot?).

Did you add that little streak of beer on the sliding mug shot? :wink:

yes, thanks for sharing…more and more people are using ACES for commercials too.

Beautiful work!



I will see some pre grading shots next week when i’m back in the office.

As you can see i have shared different spots from different cams to illustrate a point.

I have one jobs also i could share shot with BMC 2,5 k original camera
which is very similar ot Ursa Mini 4,6 k now. So my goal is to show that different cameras behave well on
same color system.

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It’s a great looking piece of work!

When you say the camera had some tinting, do you believe this was from the lenses (Cooke?), lighting, filters, or just the way the sensor handled the light?

Camera was actually put to low K value to have warmer burned in look which i had to counter balance to get some neutral details back. As in camera “grading” tends to overlay all blue green details and it seems much flatter in color contrast.