About Product Partners: Codex

Codex is fully behind ACES. We are supporting an ACES pipeline with our
on-set Codex LIVE tool for on-set look creation. Using Codex LIVE to
support a camera IDT and ODT for DP’s on set to allow DPs to properly
create an intent using a CDL is key. Codex extends the same color
pipeline into Codex Production Suite where the dailies for features
films, using the new ALEXA 65 and RED Weapon 8K with Dragon sensor
cameras, are being used by post houses like SHED Santa Monica with Codex
tools to generate dailies.

We will be at IBC this year showing off Codex LIVE with two new cameras. The Canon Cinema EOS C700 Camera and the new Panasonic VariCam Pure. Check out both new cameras and the great image quality preserved in RAW capture for use in a proper ACES workflow!