ACES 1.2 OCIOv1 IN MAYA v.2022+

Hi everyone!

When using the 2022+ Maya versions,
help.autodesk says that, even though they support OCIOv1,
the Display and View functions are available only when using OCIOv2

However, if you use for example an ACES 1.2 OCIOv1 in Maya 2022 (like im doing)
the Display and View functions in the color management preferences remain visible! and are set to:
Display > ACES
View > sRGB.

Do you think those settings are okay?

Should i ignore Display/View features since they are not available for OCIOv1?

When using OCIOv2 they are set to:
Display > sRGB
View > ACES 1.0 SDR-Video.

Also, this give me nightmares:
when starting Maya by opening a ‘scene.mb’ with a double-click,
it says ‘the view transform is invalid: ACES 1.0 SDR-Video (sRGB)’
it doesn’t give that error if Maya is started first and then: File > Open scene.

What could it be?

The artists who have it just ignore it, but im a person who doesn’t want to hide the head
under the sand…
and if you search it online, no one has an answer to that (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

I was wondering if you are using an ACES with OCIOv1 on Maya 2022, 2023, or 2024.
And what you think about these 2 errors.


Hello @marcello22ss22

I will try to answer as best as I can.

What kind of monitor are you using ? These settings are okay if you are using a sRGB monitor.
I think the exact specs are located here.

You should not loose sleep over this. :wink: Maybe ask Autodesk ? I personally never open a Maya file by double-clicking on it (mostly because of how our tools are setup in our pipeline). So I don´t know about this issue.


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Not a Maya user myself, but this sounds like the program is trying to initialize with a v2 config but loads a project saved with v1 instead. Perhaps once the software is opened first and v2 is default, it’ll detect that v1 was used and loads it correctly upon opening such file and doesn’t return the error.

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Thank you so much Christophe! yes sRGB monitor! i really needed someone who could confirm that those settings are okay… so thanks again!

Thanks Shebbe! i think that too…what annoys me is that they say that OCIOv1 is supported but they didn’t correct this error since Maya 2022 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

anyway thank you so much for helping!