ACES 2.0 CAM DRT Development

Hi Thomas,

similar to the blender/cycles RGB balls example that I posted a while back, I took the two EXR files and passed them though the same „pipeline“ to see them in SDR & HDR:

  • The EXR files were loaded into Nuke as ACES 2065-1
  • The left/center box N5 grey patch was exposure balanced to the ACEScg reference chart and overlaid with it as well as round circles.
  • I raised the exposure 2/3 of a stop to end up with kind of a middle grey in the nuke viewer for that patch with the Mac/Digital Color Meter.
  • The ProRes 4444 files were exported as SDR and HDR with the following OCIO-configs
  • ACES 1.3 OCIOv2 SDR&HDR (as well for the ARRI REVEAL output via the ARRI LUTs)
  • ACES 2.0 rev035 OCIOv1 SDR&HDR (no HLG available)

For AgX I took a slight different route:

  • Read the EXR files as RAW
  • Apply a Nuke Colorspace node to convert the primaries from ACES to sRGB/Rec.709
  • The ProRes 4444 files were exported as SDR and HLG.
  • For this rendering I could leave out the exposure raise of 2/3 of a stop, because the image already shows the N5 patch of the left/center box as middle grey on the display.
  • The AgX HLG versions are still a bit experimental, because I am not really sure yet if I did everything okay. I am still figuring out how to render a PQ version as well.

Here are the files on a google drive link (H.265 10-Bit): ACESCentral_SCB_comparisons - Google Drive

And YouTube uploads can be found here (direct uploads of ProRes 422HQ in UHD): ACES Central - ACES 2.0 CAM DRT Development - YouTube

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