Aces 2065 in nuke 14 to rec709 preview

hi, i am in trouble when use new aces in nuke 14, how can i write the preview in rec709? cause its always diffrent looks with the exr aces 2065? it always clamp the white.

its mov write with raw output transform, and view in nuke

this is mov that i view in another player

this is exr view in nuke and resolve

Hi, I assume you use the new OCIOv2 config shipping with Nuke 14.

Just before the write node, use a OCIODisplay node and set it to the desired output format.
Then set your write node to “raw data”.

Strangely Foundry did not mention this workaround in their Nuke 14 OCIOv2 video.

It’s more than half a year ago since the new OCIOv2 configs were released. I posted about it on my blog as well in last October and pointed in there to a GitHub link. (OCIO v2 – 1.0.0 available – Brylka – TooDee – PanicPost)
You can read there (DisplayViewTransforms for output? · Issue #82 · AcademySoftwareFoundation/OpenColorIO-Config-ACES · GitHub) that an adapted write node did not make it into 14.0v1.
We are at 14.0v4 and the issue is still not addressed.

Or maybe there is a hidden knob that I am not aware of? This would be great to know.
Maybe someone from Foundry could give an explanation?
The situation is not really user friendly at the moment.

Of course you can alter the OCIOv2 config, but I think this should be the job of Foundry when they ship the new configs with Nuke.



Thankyou sir, it works!