ACES and DAVINCI Webinar recording with Dado Valentic Colour.Training

I have been doing webinars for a small group of around 350 pro colorists from around the world as a way to expand on the classes I teach.
It is always good to review how to actually do the work in Aces as software changes and you might be missing on some tricks. This webinar was an extension of Color Managed Workflow class I teach in LA and NYC.

In this webinar we cover from basics as how to set up to film stock emulation and creation of different masters like SDR, HDR, GAM and NAM.

Here is the link to the recording:

Dado Valentic
\colorist & scientist

PS: If you are interested in more here is a link to the next one on subject of HDR and OLED monitor calibration


Thank dado.
but the links not directing me to your video. It goes to the webinar jam homepage.


Same here :slight_smile:
Can you update the link, please?