ACES and Dolby Vision, what is the workflow?

I believe we can grade in ACES, and then run a Dolby Vision Analysis, is this correct?

Just hoping to confirm this before we get in too deep.

If anyone can point to a flowchart or more info it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks if your out there!



Yes, you can. Dolby Vision is (supposed to be) color-management agnostic. The analysis, trim data and conversion to Rec. 709, etc. sits at the end of the signal chain, so in the case of ACES, after the ODT. You can grade your HDR master anyway you like basically and then DoVi will be put “on top”.

of course it’s possible to grade in DolbyVision™ with ACES and, indeed, recommended.
you have to set odt p3d65-pq-1000nits, grade on hdr display and perform DolbyVision™ analysis. Then run the trim-pass for the various displays with parameters and DolbyVision™ metadata that are unlocked by activating the annual license.