Hi all,

thanks for the great forum and all the contributions.
I am currently writing my thesis on the topic color management in VFX with a practical project and some experimentations. This forum helps a lot.

For the theory part I collected many sources regarding color science, digital imaging, computer graphics and Visual Effects and try to figure out some of the relations behind the developments. Which led me to the realization and confusion on how many organizations were and are somehow involved trying to engineer and produce science, concepts, standards & guidelines for color related topics in and outside of digital media. (CIE, ICC, IEC, ASC, ITU, ISO, AMPAS, SMPTE, ASWF, (VES)…- excluding specific software/hardware vendors)

What I don’t really get is, why would the ICC not have been interested in expanding on what actually became ACES now? Can someone point be to a source regarding the relation of ICC / ACES ?


Why not interested?
ICC are worked on ICC max, ICC hdr, and still working.

More like AMPAS was not interested to participate in ICC. Or it was conflict of interests between main participants in both consortiums.

AMPAS goal from big Hollywood corps to define file interchange protocol to work with outsources around the world.
ICC corps are protect their hardware secrets.

In the early days of the ACES project, before it was even named ACES, we spent a lot of time engaging with the ICC community and investigating ICC as a potential solution. ICC and iccMax are powerful solutions but are suited to specific use cases. ICC, in particular, has inherencies that make it not well suited to the motion picture use case. Specifically, the PCS being defined as D50 colorimetry, the specification of a reference medium and reference gamut based on graphic arts applications, the lack of first-class support for floating point / scene referred data (ICC), and non-programmatic transform embodiments were all seen as major issues at the time. iccMax addresses some of the issues, but it’s a relative newcomer to the color management arena and also is targeted to graphics arts.

There are opportunities to utilize ICC in conjunction with ACES for systems that have ICC support, but at the time ICC as a fundamental building block for a motion picture color management system was deemed not to be feasible.