ACES for cg artist

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Hi guys,

I have written a small guide about ACES workflow from a CG artist point of view.
You can find here :

Hopefully, this will help people
Comments, correction are more than welcome.



Lots of useful information in there. A couple of comments, if I may.

  1. It is not correct to refer to the “sRGB RRT”. The ACES RRT is global, and the ODT is display specific. What you are referring to is the “sRGB Output Transform” which is a concatenation of the RRT and the sRGB ODT.

  2. You refer to ACEScg as “the linear color space with aces primaries”. There are two sets of ACES primaries, AP0 and AP1. Referring to “ACES primaries” without being specific would normally mean AP0. ACEScg uses the AP1 primaries.

Thanks for your input, I’ll make the correction shortly

I have done the correction. If you don’t mind checking.

You still have a few references to the RRT in there. If I were you, I would remove them entirely.

As far as the user is concerned, the fact that a particular Output Transform (sRGB in your example) is made up of the RRT followed by the display specific ODT is not important, and potentially confusing. You never “see” the image data in its OCES form (after the RRT but before the ODT) and most implementations (OCIO included) do not separate the two parts, or even make mention of the RRT. I recommend you do the same.

Thanks again for your input. I have made the correction and removed any mention of RRT.

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this is super great! good work and thanks a ton for sharing.