ACES for Reality; or How the Heck do I Make an IDT for all these Cameras

So I’m a cinematographer in preprod on an unsold indie reality show. Im pushing to use ACES because we may have to deliver in HDR and also for consistency across different capture formats. We’re going to have 2 C300mk2s, 2 GoPros, a Canon 80D, a GH5, DJI Mavic and a partridge in a pear tree.

The DIT and editor will be using Resolve (editing in resolve too). We have found IDT’s for C300mk2 and the Canon 80d (well technically it’s the 7D, but whatever close enough for now). But we’re totally lost on how to input transform the gopro, mavic and the GH5 in Resolve. Any advice on that for a crew that doesn’t code?


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For the GH5 try using ADX10 IDT. I know it’s meant for filmtransfers but seems to work better than the V35 IDT. Maybe because Vlog L isn’t Vlog. With the V35 idt there’s lots of clipping and oversaturation.


It’s not so popular yet but our software WonderLookPro is providing various kind of cameras IDTs for our valid users. We measure the camera by ourselves and create our own IDTs. Maker provided IDTs are also available. You can create cameraRGB to ACEScct LUT for Resolve by using our software.
We didn’t make GH5’s IDT yet but have a plan soon.

If you have an interest, please visit here.

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Hey Jackson, I am in a very similar situation and wondering if you were able to find a solution? I’m specifically looking for an IDT for GoPro. Thanks!!

The OCIOv1 config for ACES that ships with Nuke has a GoPro IDT. If you have Nuke you could use it to make a cube LUT for Resolve.

Someone made GoPro IDTs some time ago. Maybe that’s what you’re looking for.


Ah yes! That worked like a charm!!! Thanks so much :pray:t2: