ACES Gamut Mapping VWG - User Testing

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Hi, all! We’re ready to share the packages for user testing. They are on Dropbox:


Compositor v2 (minor change to initial state, so no need to re-download if you have it)
Compositor V3 - updates to default viewer to avoid confusion.

And the google forms for feedback are here:

Colorist Feedback

Compositor Feedback

The packages include the Nuke, Baselight, and Resolve setups, their associated footage, and the READMEs for directions / info.

Would love the group’s feedback in the next few days (we are planning to send the tests out Monday the 26th). It should all be pretty straightforward, and we kept the questions pretty generic on purpose to not “lead the witness” but if we’re missing anything you’d love to have opinions on, if we’ve made any errors, or something just doesn’t flow, please let us know. I’d definitely appreciate a few people navigating their way through the forms to make sure that’s all working smoothly (I can delete extraneous responses).

We’ve got a great list of users who will be testing, thanks to all of you that made connections for us. Looking forward to sharing results when we resume meetings!


Hey all - thanks for the couple comments we’ve received - we are looking to send these out tomorrow morning - so any last thoughts appreciated!

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