ACES - Leadership Progress Update - 7-5-17

In our last update, we let you know that we would be soliciting feedback on all aspects of ACES. We are scheduling meetings with various interest groups to have frank discussions about what you like and don’t like about ACES, why you do or don’t use it, and what we can do to make it better and increase adoption. The groups include Studios, Cinematographers, VFX, Colorists, Camera Manufacturers, On Set DITS, Video Games developers, ACES Product Partners, etc.

The scheduling of these meetings is progressing, and we will provide more info on ACESCentral as they approach. While the meetings are not intended to be exclusive, we are hoping to maintain the numbers to allow everyone to speak freely.

Of course, you don’t have to wait to participate, you can reach out to the chairs directly at any time here on ACESCentral, or if you prefer, send mail to and we will respond directly. We encourage comments on all aspects of ACES adoption. So whether you’ve decided against it or are a long-time user, we want to hear from you.

In other news, a small working group of volunteers and Academy staff (led by Thad Beier and Bill Mandel) have recently developed a plan to address end-user feedback and concerns with particular attention to the ACES 1.0 HDR ODTs. This work will continue with input from ACES staff, leadership, and active end-users (see the recently re-opened survey here: []), culminating in a plan for updates to the ODTs to better support HDR moving forward. That plan will be published soon, here on ACESCentral.