ACES LUT for Premiere Pro


I"m looking for some insight on how to best use premiere pro in an ACES pipeline and haven’t had much luck finding an answer anywhere. Currently we are using Nuke setup in ACES and rendering out EXRs and importing them into Premiere for an edit. With Premiere being float, it’s opening up that color quite a bit after importing into Premiere. We are wondering if there is an ACES LUT for Premiere that exists that can be applied to the footage. We originally went with EXRs out of Nuke, so we have more control over color, but the starting point in Premiere is so drastic from what we have in Nuke we figured a LUT would be helpful. Otherwise, we are thinking of rendering out PNGs with baked in color. What is the best workflow with working with premiere as your editor as well as using it to create deliverables if a LUT doesn’t exist?

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Adobe doesn’t support OCIO/ACES natively at this point.
The question for me would be, what do you want to do in Premiere with your EXRs from Nuke?

If you want to edit clips, add logos and export them, then write out from Nuke files with a sRGB/Rec.709 ODT as PNG, TIFF, ProRes etc.
In theory there is a possibility to export DPX or ProRes 4444 files in ACEScc or ACEScct and use a 3D-LUT to go from ACES (log) to Rec.709 or sRGB or whatever you need. The question here would be, why? What can you achieve in this way better than writing out proper display referred media from Nuke in the first place?

If you really want to use you EXR files until the end of the workflow - I would suggest to use Resolve over Premiere. But even there you need to bake somewhere in the project the ODT onto the media, otherwise adding logos and titles will become complicated. Autodesk Flame can handle this very well but again its a different tool.

I hope this helps. Best regards


Thanks Daniel. That’s what we were thinking and wanted to make sure we weren’t missing anything.

We were originally wanting EXRs because it’s nice to hold on to as much information as you move through a pipeline until final delivery just in case you need to do some last minute color correcting or whatever inside Premiere. That’s more of wishful thinking, so realistically we don’t need all that information so rendering out PNGs from Nuke with the info baked was the route we were going to take. And having you confirm that’s the way to go with using Premiere for delivery makes sense.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated!