ACES Mastering from Assimilate Scratch

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We are Aurora Dominicana a Post-Production studio in Dominican Republic. We’ve done color correction for our first ACES project on Assimilate Scratch (latest version) and we are getting some mixed results in our DCP master. The project was shot on a Sony Venice in X-OCN and in ACES cct colorspace (Version ACES 1.1.0).

During the whole grading process we were happy working in ACES for the first time. Everything was flowing smoothly and we didn’t have to veer far from our regular workflow. This said workflow has been used to grade over 5 films with premieres in Tribeca, Rotterdam, Berlin as well as local and international theatrical releases.

All the grading and monitoring was done on Rec 709 and we export a JPEG2000 sequence in XYZ color space from Scratch for Do Re Mi CineAsset to wrap our DCP.

Essentially, when we projected a test in a DCI movie theater projector our image was highly contrasted and super saturated. Unlike anything we had been seeing in the grade. When we got back to the studio we switched our Eizo monitor to its DCI setting and found that (though we know this is not true p3 DCI) this was close to what we were seeing in the movie theater.

Has anyone experienced this before? I have found very little information about ACES within Scratch. We have not found a definitive solution and would not want to grade our master output in order to match our Rec 709 grade to the DCI Master, effectively annulling the practical purpose of working in an ACES colorspace.

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Hi Pablo

Thanks for your first post and welcome. I’m sure someone with weigh in on this…and if not, I’ll see who I can get to comment.

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