ACES Metadata File - Formerly known as ACESclip

In ACES 1.2 we will be renaming ACESclip to ACES Metadata File (amf).

The goal will be the same … communicate ACES viewing pipeline metadata for a sequence of frames (i.e. a clip).

The reason for the change in name is to make clear the purpose of the XML based file. Many felt that ACESclip sounded more like a sequence wrapper than a metadata sidecar file, so after much discussion amongst ACES leadership, the ACES Architecture Technical Advisory Council, and the ACESclip working group, we’ve decided ACES Metadata File more clearly indicates what the role of the file is in the ACES system.

When ACES 1.2 is released, we will include a specification for the ACES Metadata File and a clear note on the name change.