ACES new version of what time release it

Hi All
IBC has ended for some time, I would like to ask,
What time can the new version of ACES be released?
The new version can support HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision Cinema 2D, 3D it?

Hi Dean,
Good question. We’re working on it. Here is our process:

Because of the nature of ACES (community driven “open source” style development), our first step is to gather feedback, needs and feature requests from all the different parties that work with, or are affected by ACES (Studios, Cinematographers, DITs, VFX professionals, post houses, equipment manufacturers etc). We’re in the middle of that process now.

The next step is to present those findings to the ACES community with a way for the community to comment and help us prioritize the new feature requests.
Finally the actual work will be done by community members in Virtual Work Groups organized by the ACES Team and rolled out per a schedule that we will post publicly.

Meanwhile, there are some features of ACES 1.0 that we feel can be modified prior to the release of the next significant version of ACES (think ‘clean up’ work to make it easier to use now) and we will announce some of that work shortly. All of this is being posted on ACESCentral (announcements/discussions), Github (code) and Zenodo (document archives) as we go, so you and the entire community are informed and can contribute. As a practical matter, it will be next year before we will publish any specs or code changes to ACES.

The ACES Team