ACES not supported in BMD Fusion 9?

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Hi everyone :wave:!
Let’s get right to it:

Fusion does not support ACES, does it?

  1. The manual doesn’t include the term “ACES” at all.
  2. The OCIO-configs do not work properly when used as viewing LUT (with the “OCIO ColorSpace ViewLUT” function).
  3. Someone in the bmd forum stated that the cc node caclulates using Rec709 regardless.

Does anyone here use Fusion for ACES projects?

Update: Apparently Fusion can do ACES if one loads the aces 1.0.3 config.ocio, avoids using the ViewingLUT Function and the cc node… I tried it with one shot and it came out correctly.

Hi @RobinBenito,

Yup Just like Nuke the OCIO config must be installed in Fusion in order to use ACES.

I have an example workflow I could send if ever you’d like to confirm.


Hi @CharlesBoileau,

thanks for the answer :slight_smile:
I found out how to work with ACES and Fusion now, but it took me a while… that’s why I asked if it really supported or just by means of the OCIO node. In Nuke, I can set all my ACES stuff without installing anything, even without a single node, so my LUTs from DaVinci work right out of the box.

Good to hear it worked out!


Could someone please explain the workflow. I know DaVinci but just started looking at Fusion. Thanks

  1. Visit the opencolorio github page and download the latest repository
  2. In Fusion, after you loaded your sequence, use the OCC Node and load the config.ocio from the aces 1.0.3 folder in the downloaded repository
  3. With the new plethora of color spaces in the two drop menus you can convert the sequence to aces if necessary or convert from aces2065-1 to your working color space to follow up with a FLUT node, load your look from davicinci, and then another OCC node to convert to from the working color space to Rec.709 or what you want to be viewing it in.

Sadly, the OCIO viewing lut function produces some heavy artifacts (at least on my iMac) that’s why you have to set up everything in the node tree and deactivate before rendering

Sadly, the OCIO viewing lut function produces some heavy artifacts…

We haven’t experienced this issue. Having said that we use acescg to sRGB and back so maybe it’s particular to your chosen footage/transform.

What I have found is that OCIO is really slow in Fusion.

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Hi Charles,

Very basic question
can you help me on resolve to fusion workflow via fusion connect?
in resolve

USING EXR While fusion connect

at Fusion
Loader is SRGB
saver is ACES

Everything looks fine like pre fusion grade in resolve, but if i add a Text or png those colors are different or ecperiencing HUE Changes

If i use ACEScg as IDT in resolve,
Font png video everything is fine,but back in resolve giving a bad dull video,

please help me on this workflow scratching my head


I’m not Charles, but since I have also tried using this feature in an ACES project:
I resorted to transcoding my footage “by hand” to ACES-EXRs… in my case with REDCINE-X PRO. The fusion connect feature as of now leaves no control over the details of the transcode such as resolution, color space and gamma transforms — at least as far as I can tell.

Ok I see 2 potential problems with your workflow:

  1. Did you transcode to EXR?
  2. Are you using the OCIO configs?

Normally you would not input thru loader and saver. But thru the OCIO node.

Your PNG would also need to be colormanaged thru OCIO (most likely with IDT SRGB). But, titles do not react very well in with ACES in Resolve.

Hope this helps!