Aces Rec 709 grading conversion to P3 + Quick archival EXR AP0 question

Hi everyone,

I’ve been doing research for a while without having found a ‘‘good solution’’. It’s on Resolve 17.

So, I’ve been working for a while as a senior colorist for 12 years, and now I have this new small budget project for a friend. I have more experience on other software too, and I’m still learning Resolve…

I do have experience in either working for the theater P3, TV Rec709, and Aces workflows, with bigger post houses and such. But it’s the first time I work on a independent feature with a smaller budget, and without the help of those bigger infrastructures and pipeline.

So whatever I’ve done, they had a whole process to convert and finish my grade as I was only ‘‘a gear’’ in a much bigger machine… After me, magic and it was done. :slight_smile:

Now, I’ll have to take care of the color pipeline entirely myself for this small project, and I would like to be more autonomous. Just to tell you, I never did my own renders, we always had somebody to do that… All I did was color.

That’s great to have to color scientists behind, but that’s great to understand too the whole thing too.

My project is set in ACEScct, Version 1.3, IDT are various (Arri, Red, Blackmagic, sRGB, etc.), ODT is REC709. It’s in SDR.

I have these two questions:

  1. The whole feature is graded in ACEScct with Rec709 ODT on a calibrated Rec709 2.4.

So, I’ll not have the chance to check the P3 until much later in the process, but I wonder if I simply use the P3 ODT in the Color Space and Transform of Resolve if it will be okay and the conversion will be magically wunderbar.

Magic thinking maybe? Is Resolve good enough for that?

If not, I think I would simply go the conversion route at the DCP creation step.

I want to be mentally prepared…

  1. For the archival, if I output in EXR without any Aces output transform, will it output in ACES2065-1 or ACEScct AP1 ?

Thanks a lot!

Hi John welcome,

I’m not familiar with P3 deliverables but I think the grade can translate pretty well onto wider gamut. A trim pass is always necessary I think because you’re dealing with a wider gamut and different output nits and surround.

ACES interchange and archival EXRs should be uncompressed in ACES2065-1. If you remove the output transform in Resolve it will output in ACES2065-1.