ACES Rec709 to ACES sRGB Conversion


We use ACES pipeline internally for our shows via OCIO configs where the cg EXR renders are generated in ACEScg and in the absence of any LUT on the show, we use Rec709 (ACES) as the default ODT in applications like Nuke or RV. If we need to output formats like MOV, PNG, JPEG for any intermediate purpose, we bake Output Rec709 into the media. We view all of this using hardware calibrated monitors set to display Rec709 (the display supports 100%).

However, the client seems to be viewing our media on non calibrated monitors and they are also reviewing material from other vendors that work in ACES but use sRGB as the default viewing space.

This is probably a silly or non-sensical question but I’m looking for a way to transform the Rec709 (ACES) output to sRGB (ACES) output such that they perceptually look the same. I have tried this in Nuke by lifting the gamma and the black/white points but it seems a bit of a hack. Is there a more accurate way to do this color transformation? Any pointers are much appreciated.


My apologies in advance if I am misunderstanding what you are asking, but… couldn’t you just switch the output transform in the Nuke write node from Rec.709 to sRGB?