ACES Version History

Hello there,

My first post and hopefully I didn’t miss an existing one about this.

Is there any documentation about all the changes happend from ACES 1.0 to ACES1.0.1, ACES 1.0.3 up to ACES 1.1?

Reason for this is, that not all of our systems are up to 1.1. And I want to check out, if this is a problem to mix 1.0.1 and 1.1 in the workflow.
E.g. Are there changes to the IDTs done? Or the SDR ODTs?


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Hi Chris,

If you go to the ampas/aces-dev Github, can see the CHANGELOG for ACES up to 1.1.

The detailed version history of the reference implementation code (CTL) is available on Github.

To answer your two questions specifically,

For the most part, only new transforms (or links to the manufacturer’s sites) were added. I don’t believe any of the IDTs have changed for existing cameras. (Technically, in 1.1 was a minor correction to some of the ARRI IDTS to “improve LogC linearization”, but I don’t think that would have a practical effect on anything - it was listed as a “bug-fix” rather than a change.)

Over time we have added some oft-requested SDR ODTs (e.g. P3-D65), but none of the existing ones have changed.
The only thing that changed in 1.1 were the old “experimental” HDR ODTs were replaced with new HDR ODTs (details on the why of this change can be found in the v1.1 README.)
So basically additional transforms have been added over time, the HDR ODTs were improved, but nothing about the core transforms or look have changed. We have always said that any change to the output of the system would require a major version bump - so until we hit 2.0, you should be good to mix 1.0, 1.0.1, and 1.1 for the basic transforms.

I hope that helps.

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Thank you very much! That helped a lot.
Especially to reduce the rumors like “Never mix up Aces Versions”!