ACES Versioning System Updates


I’ve updated the (S-2014-002) Versioning System document to reflect the changes we talked about in the AMF Working Group.

The new draft and an redline are attached … Please let me know if there’s any feedback on the changes.

S_2014_002_DRAFT_2019.12.1.pdf (109.0 KB)

[Compare Report] S_2014_002_DRAFT_2019.12.1.pdf (409.0 KB)


Another version with the addition of TransformId formats for ACES 1.1 style Academy supplied Output Transforms.


S_2014_002_DRAFT_2019.12.12.pdf (110.1 KB)

I believe that bulets 3.1 and 3.2 in Terms and Definitions should change from ACESclip to AMF

Here’s another version that addresses the error pointed out by @walter.arrighetti and other inconsistencies based on the current ACES system.

This version also introduces an URN for the the ACES Transform IDs based on discussions in the AMF implementation Working Group.

S_2014_002_DRAFT_2019.12.13.pdf (110.7 KB)