ACES White Point Derivation Document

Hey all …

Not quite finished yet but I wanted to share a document I’ve been working on. The document goes through the derivation of the ACES white point in gorey detail and provides some historical background for how it ended up where it is.

I’d love to hear what everyone thinks. The goal is for this document to be included in the ACES v1.1 release. I’ve attached a PDF but the LaTeX code is on if anyone is feeling ambitious and wants to contribute. Track changes are on so I’ll see your input.

Draft #1
TB-2018-001-DRAFT.pdf (300.6 KB)

Draft #2
TB-2018-001-DRAFT2.pdf (300.9 KB)


Thanks! Much welcome and appreciated document.

Nice turn of phrase!

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Just a note … you can find a reference implementation of the derivation here And a Jupyter notebook showing the calculation of all table values here