ACES Wish List

ACES Central would like to wish you and your color-managed workflows a happy holiday season.

As we look forward to the new year, what things are at the top of your ACES wish list?

Hey Annie,

I would be keen to have the public Academy answers to the RAE document bullet points: ACES Retrospective and Enhancements

It has been mentioned quite a few times that this would eventually be posted on the forum but we are turning the page on 2017 and I don’t remember seeing them on ACES Central.

Oh and Happy Holidays and New Year :slight_smile:



Hi Thomas - yes, I think I’m the hold up on that one! AMPAS has been collecting the response for you, and I believe they are waiting on me! Let me see if I can get that going! Happy holidays to you!

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ACES to sRGB is topping my ACES wish-list.

Anything new on that? Right now that’s a bit into Ghouls and Goblins territory when it comes to having humans on screen. I can only just eyeball it as I’m doing with my Affinity Photo based batch kit for converting ACES to sRGB sequences.

Hi Frank,

If you look inside the transforms, you would see that RGB_monitor is based on
Display EOTF :
// The reference electro-optical transfer function specified in
// IEC 61966-2-1:1999.
Part 2-1: Colour management - Default RGB colour space - sRGB

If you look closely, it is taking an image assumed displayable in digital cinema environments and mapping
it with an adjustment for dim surround to the sRGB equation.

Sometimes however, displays that claim sRGB compliance are not really doing that – they instead use an approximation of a gamma 2.2 for the display. This can lead to the appearance of crushed shadows.
The ACES ODT assumes exactly the sRGB transfer function. If a gamma 2.2 is needed, it would be better to start from the Rec709 ODT transform (though it uses a gamma 2.4). and apply a slight contrast tweak.

It’s getting a little bit closer starting off the conversion with Rec709. Still some issues with emerald blending to cyan colour ranges. Still cuts straight to blue. The ghoul-skin issue is a little bit better now. Almost a 5% improvement to what I had before.

I never have issues with crushed blacks though. Only with the Walking Dead effect skin ranges get when transforming from ACES to ICC sRGB.