ACES workflow: Exporting from After Effects (media encoder)

Hi there,

I have spent many hours watching tutorials und trying to understand everything as best as I could. I followed the advice of many to change my workflow to ACES (Cinema 4D / Redshift). But for some reason nobody is talking about exporting the footage from After Effects. Every tutorial I have watched ends right there in After Effects. So my question is: what is a good way to export from After Effects. I have found out that I can export mp4 directly from AE 2023 via the render queue, but if I use media encoder, it is not working correctly. Why? If I use After Effects Beta and I use the built in Converter, my Media Encoder gives a warning message, that the color conversion was not successful.

Are these bugs/limitations? I thought I had done a conversion to sRGB in After Effects - so it does not make sense that Media Encoder is not rendering it correctly.

Hi Alex!

The AE beta adds native support for OCIO. This is likely not yet further passed down to Adobe Media Encoder so it will not understand your rendering request. You’ll have to export via the render queue inside AE to mp4 or whatever other format you fancy. There on the output settings you can choose which color space you’d like to use on output conversion.

Since you’re a C4D/RS/AE user have you seen this? Should be right up your alley.

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Hi Shebbe, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. So I finally know that I am sane. Is it possible that it works different on windows? Thank you for the video-link. Yes I have watched zaks videos and found them to be incredibly helpful. I also tried AE Beta but I had the same rendering problems. Regarding AE Beta: I thought maybe its better to wait until its fully fleshed out and released normally. For now I am following the usual converting steps with OpenColor Plugin. Color Management and workflows surrounding it have always been my achilles heel, so I am glad that there is some sort of “norm/standard” forming.

Have a great weekend!

If it helps at all, a workflow we use, coming from Nuke, is to export a PNG sequence (with the targeted display transform baked into the images), and then make a movie from that PNG sequence in Media Encoder. I imagine you could do that same in AE.

Hi there, I am finding in After Effects that there is an effect called OCIO Color Space Transform that I’ve applied to an adjustment layer at the top.

Setting for sRGB output, it looks like that will send out to Media Encoder.

(I will add though that my monitors are far from calibrated correctly but I don’t think it looks too off. - That process is on the shortlist to do.)