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currently I’m on resolve 14.2.1and gonna start using ACES colour space . can anyone advice me on the workflow and the best hardware specs . Because If I’m not ACES uses open exr format and my mac pro isn’t that powerful enough to play using ext format .

any advice ?

thank you

I use a MacPro from 2009 and it works OK in most instances.
Much of the setup in Resolve is ‘virtual’ in that you can work on camera
RAW files that don’t have to be EXR to be functional. EXRs are a good way
to save the files and export to facilities because it can capture everything
that was done (if you are careful).

Similar tricks can be used that were done a decade ago for 2K workflows: use a
proxy format for work in progress so that the machine responds speedily, and only put out the high
resolution version for export.

Best hardware specs is in the eye of the beholder, and I suspect it may not get answered here. The data bandwidth requirements uncompressed are about 50% higher with 16-bit per pixel. EXR has some lossless compression modes that can be used in the format if you need to save on disk space, but then
playback can suffer. B44 in EXR was designed for realtime 4K playback but is slightly lossy.

When exporting to EXR, remember that the viewing LUT needs to be turned off in the render so that only the grade is baked in. (i.e. no ODT)

Hope this is a start.



hi jim,
Thanks for the advice man. Quick question

do you think the new mac pro with full spec and thunderbolt storage can playback exr file format on resolve?

thank you

Well the specs are not that clear to me. I think it will handle 2K files without a problem, 4K is always
a bit of a question mark. In theory, it should. But so many devices are using the thunderbolt interface
that there could in interference in the bandwidth. (i.e. when you add in high-res monitor, RAID, and other
Thunderbolt devices) So I can’t really say until I have a chance to try one out.

thanks, Jim, and I’m gonna with the Hackintosh :slight_smile: with fiber channel storage. With the Hackintosh machine I can install more then 3 GPU card and my resolve will good enough to play real time.

what do you think?

sam out.

Sounds likely to me!