ACEScg to log conversion gives different results [Maya]

Hey guys,
I’m trying to apply a LUT and am converting from ACEScg to Input - Sony - S-Log3 - S-Gamut3 (before applying the cube lut file) but am getting a different result (The image is a little more green) than just applying the Input - Sony - S-Log3 - S-Gamut3 directly in the view transform

my defined colorspace (no applied cube/ lut file yet, pure conversion to slog3):

  • ! {name: LUT, colorspace: shotLUT}

  • !
    name: shotLUT
    bitdepth: 32f
    description: |
    ACEScg to shot colorspace to shot LUT
    isdata: false
    allocation: uniform
    allocationvars: [0, 1]
    from_reference: !
    - ! {src: ACES - ACEScg, dst: Input - Sony - S-Log3 - S-Gamut3}

it looks correct when direclty using this instead of my defined LUT colorspace:

  • ! {name: slog3, colorspace: Input - Sony - S-Log3 - S-Gamut3}

It used to work with a non ACES workflow so I’m a little stuck here.


The config excerpt you posted looks like it was garbled somehow. I don’t know how to interpret it.

But based on your description, there are a lot of places where this could have gone wrong. For example, it’s difficult to use a LUT to convert accurately from ACEScg to S-Log3. Also, you wrote that it looks “a little more green” using an ACES workflow, but if you were using a completely different viewing transform before, small changes like that are not unexpected.