ACESclip straw man


During the ODT working group meeting on December 12 we discussed ACESclip. As I mentioned during that call there’s been some feedback from product partners that the current specification may be trying to address too many use cases and may be too flexible.

Taking that feedback into account, below is a link to an straw man alternative. This may be too far in the other direction but the guiding principal on this version was to capture the “Minimum metadata required to describe and ACES viewing pipeline.” This version also tries to be extremely explicit about node definitions, relationships, etc and includes both a UML diagram and a scheme.

The straw man does not support embedding of transforms (except for ASC CDLs) and LUTs as in the current specification, rather the spec relies on references to transformIDs.

Links to ACESclip related documents

It’d be great to get the communities thoughts, pro and con, on each of these documents.