ADX to XYZ 3x3 matrix

Hi to all,

Has anyone here derived a matrix from ADX to XYZ?

Primaries are:
x y
R 0.663747 0.322376
G 0.150934 0.745125
B 0.127573 0.063536
W 0.3217 0.3377

I would like to compare the numbers from one I just created. Would like to see if “I’m ok”.


Just plugging those numbers in I get:

0.6885724934 0.1203185575 0.1437296183
0.3344335208 0.5939838949 0.0715825843
0.0143960281 0.0828576145 0.9113338610

But as I understand it (and I don’t claim to really understand film scanning) ADX is not a simple RGB primaries based encoding. Certainly the ADX to ACES conversion is more involved than a linearisation and a 3x3 matrix.

So that matrix would not be a direct ADX to XYZ matrix. It would be the matrix from the Relative Exposure values (created by going through lines 56 to 85 of the CTL) to XYZ.

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Thanks Nick! I was aware that it was super straight forward. Just wanted to test to see what results I would get. I was advised by a few knowledgable people that the result were surprisingly good from a “normal scan”.