ADX tone corve specification

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Hello all,
I’ve been browsing some standards, however, I haven’t found one that unambiguously defines the equation to go from transmission (as seen by the scanner sensor) to the density value. Once you have the density value, ST 2065-3:2012 takes care of the rest, but getting the density value is the interesting bit here.

Of course a log10 of the transmission value would make sense, but it appears that in practice, it’s more complicated than just a straight log10. For re-linearising an ADX-encoded image, Baselight and the ACES ADX code do different things. At the end of the day, the two approaches may deliver similar results, I haven’t checked yet.
It would be fantastic to see the spec which those two very different snippets of code derive from (if they indeed derived from a spec in the first place). Does anyone know which standards document to refer to?

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The definition of Academy Printing Density is specified in ST 2065-2:2012. Specifically, the spectral calculation equation from transmission is in Section 5.2.3.