After Effects OCIO sRGB Workflow in ACES

Hello Everyone,

Using the nuke-default configuration in OCIO, I typically use After Effects to transform work in our studio from the native colorspace (sRGBf) to others (linear, AlexaV3LogC, Cineon), based on the needs of the show.

We are working on an ACES show and I’ll need to do something similar. However, I’m unclear which input space in aces_1.0.3 configuration would correspond with the sRGBf input space in the nuke-default configuration.

Currently, my best guesses suggest either ACES - ACEScg, Input - Generic-sRGB - Texture, or Output - sRGB, but I’m not sure.

Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Did you ever find a cure, I have been looking at setting my After effects work space as rec709 and then using OCIO to then convert rec709 to ACES, the result in baselight is nearly there some colours have shifted, I tried Generic sRGB but that was miles out. I think over all its an ICC adobe profile issuse that is just not compatible. Not sure if that is completely relevant to you.

Just wondered if you got anywhere.


Hello Rleshone,

It’s been a little while since we did that project so my memory’s a little rusty. But I believe I ended up using Output - sRGB. Maybe some small amount of color correction afterwards, but it came out pretty solid.

I know for a later show (different project), they actually just provided a color transformation that was 1 to 1. I had to ask them for it specifically, (we were working with completed still artwork, so there was no desire to adjust anything at all) but once I got it it was perfect.

Most of our pipelines avoid setting the AE workspace unless we’re delivering a project file back to them. It tends to cause trouble when artists pass files around and are working on multiple shows simultaneously. It’s much cleaner to manage all of that with effects instead of project settings since those don’t get lost as easily.

the equivalent of srgbf nuke-presets in ACES for after effects would be:

  1. first remove the srgb gamma from the footage - use color profile converter, input and output - srgb, on the secend choose “linearize”
  2. add OCIO from utility-srgb-linear to whatever you wish.
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a tutorial where I am also dealing with float exr with OCIO

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