After Effects plugin not reading new configs

Been successfully using the fnord OpenColorIO plugin for After Effects for a long time but can’t seem to get the new official Aces 1.3 Ocio 2.1 configs to work with the plugin. Both the CG and Studio configs give me a “can’t find default colorspace” error. Tried loading the stock config that comes with the Arnold and Redshift renderers, both that use v2, and these work so it seems to only be a problem with the official config files.

What am I dong wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

It looks like the fnord OpenColorIO plugin doesn’t like there being no default role assigned. I’m not sure why that is. You can add the following line in the roles section. (Line 17-27)

  default: ACES2065-1

Should load after that.

Thank you! It’s working now. Was just confused on why it was needed since just below the Roles section is this :


  • ! {name: Default, colorspace: ACES2065-1}

From my understanding the file rule ‘default’ is always mandatory as definition as a fallback if any other file rule added doesn’t apply. Perhaps who updated the plugin to support OCIOv2 unintentionally implemented that check for roles as well.