After Effects Working Space sRGB Compensation?


after effects not natively support OCIO and it has its own CM…
normally i disable all color management in AE and work with the ocio-plugin from fnord…
but when sharing projects with others working also in AE not having the knowledge how ocio works or want to work “as always” in AE, then i have to provide material that works in AE like out of the box…
my thoughts are, that when in AE the working space is sRGB then AE will display the material with a “double” sRGB gamma, the native display and the sRGB display from the ocio-config…
would it be safe to just compensate for the native Ae-display like an inverse sRGB gamma (0.4545), so when exporting to exr and reimport to “standard” AE the result should looks the same through the AE-view?

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yes! you can use Ae’s CM (you do have to preserve RGB your sources but this comes with the project), @i_go_by_zak explains it here: Better Redshift Renders using ACES with After Effects - YouTube

so basically.

  1. set the project to rec709
  2. any imported footage but linear CG should be set to preserve RGB in interpret footage
  3. on top of the layer stack you place a color profile converter with rec709 on input and output and set linearize working space in the output checkbox

you have saved:

  1. the need to disable view-display color management (it should be on, lumetri scopes are correct Yay!)
  2. the need to set in the color management output settings preserve RGB

yeah, thanx.
in the meanwhile this was exactly the way i setuped in AE, also for exporting to media encoder…

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