Aftereffects finally goes OCIO

Just in case it has been overlooked here:
Aftereffects finally goes OCIO. The new Beta-Version already has a proper OCIO and therefore ACES workflow. I can’t remember when I asked for that, because it’s now years ago. But finally it’s here! :slight_smile:



Hey Peter,

I’m a bit late to the party, but since the AE OCIO tools are now in the official release, I just wanted to give a shameless plug to a tutorial I made breaking down the new functionality: Compositing CG in After Effects Just Got Easier - YouTube

Way to be on top of the latest stuff!


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Hey Jacob,

Thanks for taking the time to make these tutorials! I want to point out something in your video. After the explanation of the view transform on the viewer vs output transform you start to say that you can choose an output you like.

I think that’s bad advice after a thorough explanation on how to do color management and ACES the right way :sweat_smile: .

The output transform should always match the exported file’s viewing intent, not an artistic choice. And ideally the monitor characteristics (and view transform) used to create that content also matches that deliverable during creation.

I see your point. I’m assuming the viewer knows that the output transform they want is what’s best for the viewing intent. But I certainly should not assume that the viewer knows this. Thanks for the feedback, Shebbe!

Hello Jacob,

overall I think this is a good starting point for someone who is new to ACES in Aftereffects. The reverse OutputTransform is a bit dangerous to recommend to someone who doesn’t understand the concepts. Although it leads to the right visual results and is of course daily practice, it also can lead into problems when applying certain operations to the footage that has then not inteded values above 1. Of course you know that.

But again: I think thats a good start for the beginner’s first contact with ACES in Aftereffects that hopefully then beginns to dig deeper into the topic.