Alexa Client look as P3-DCI-65

Still learning ACES and OCIO. So please forgive me with this.

Ive got a client look set in the OCIO.config which was given to me. I have 2 Monitors, Dell sRGB monitor and iMacPro P3 monitor.

What I want to do is somehow view the “client look sRGB” and “client look REC709” viewer looks on my iMac Pro display.
I sometimes use a method of making a gizmo with certain OCIO transforms etc, and then registering as viewer out which works fine. But the method I’m using is close, but still looks a tiny bit too saturated, only a bit.

if you open the attached nuke file, you can see what I’m trying to do…

Hi Darren,

I have little knowledge about Nuke but I do know a few things about the P3 monitor from the iMacs.
These monitors are Display P3 meaning DCI-P3 gamut and sRGB gamma curve.
The bad is that they have no hardware calibration capabilities and the out of the box accuracy from my own experience with the non pro iMac retinas are terrible.
I think the reason why your setup might be inaccurate is for this reason. Even if you were to calibrate the monitor through software to at least correct the D65 whitepoint there is no way to accurately track the primaries and secondaries of P3 and thus making conversions to smaller spaces incorrect.

What i’d advise for a client viewing monitor would be a dedicated rec709/srgb monitor or one with larger gamut that can be hardware calibrated to such a setting.

Hope it helps.

You mentioned non “Pro” iMacs. Does that make any difference to the monitor you’re talking about? As mine is iMac Pro.

I think they have the same display but I think they didn’t add any proper hardware switchable profiles on the “pro” version to properly display other colorspaces. I think only the new XDR monitor has such features. So my experience also applies to the iMac Pro.