Alexa IDTs

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ARRIRAW Converter

ARRI ALEXA Input Device Transforms (IDTs) can be applied using ARRIRAW Converter (ARC).

ARRIRAW Converter can be downloaded from:

For Alexa IDTs in CTL format go to :


The IDT maker package for the ARRI ALEXA camera includes the following files: (this file)
idt_maker_script.csh generates IDTs appropriate for imagery produced with SUP 2.0 firmware loaded. generates IDTs appropriate for imagery produced with SUP 3.0 or later firmware loaded.

The ‘raw’ SUP 3.0 IDTs include a variant to handle the different colorimetry produced as a side effect of using the internal ALEXA Studio ND 1.3 filter; it is assumed that somewhere upstream, the corresponding ND 1.3-specific channel gains were used before the deBayer processing.

Both scripts depend on the open-source NumPy library. If running Mac OS X 10.6 or higher, numpy is pre-installed. Users of linux systems, Windows systems, or older Mac OS X systems can find the NumPy package at:

idt_maker_script.csh was used to generate the files in the subdirectories v2 and v3. These directories contain a series of .ctl idts created using and and exist as a convenience rather than running and If any additional IDTs are required or if the validity of a CTL file in these subdirectories is in question and should be used.