Arri Looks librery to ACES

Hi everybody!

Needing to transform a ARRI LOOK (AWG/LogC to R709) from ARRI LIBRERY to ACES color space in order to use it as a show LUTs.

We are trying to get this with a nodes structure using OFX / COLOUR SPACE TRANSFORM on resolve. We make a first IDT node with a colour space conversion between ACES (Ap1, cct) to Arri Wide Gamut / Log C. and an output ODT node be doing the opposite, going from AWG/LogC to ACES cct. Finally we added we ARRI LOOK in a node in between.

Since the original ARRI LOOK comes from AWG/LogC to R709 we are having a image with too much contrast at the output in an Aces project.

Any idea to find the way to have only the Look portion of the LUT and dont the color space conversion embedded from AWG/LogC to R709 ?

Or does somebody have a better method? or any suggestion?

Thank a lot!

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You will have to contact ARRI, but they do have the look transforms in scene-referred form, designed to be used with the ALF-2 Output Transforms.

Because the look of the ALF-2 Output Transforms differs slightly from the base ACES look, you won’t get an exact match, even if you sandwich the ARRI LUT between transforms from ACES to and from LogC AWG. But it will give you a start point, and you can combine the LUT with grading adjustments to get a better match.