AV1 Encoder

Hello every one.
I would like to get some opinions about the AV1 encoder, since it has been very recently added to Davinci Resolve. I accidently exported a video in it and when I sent it to the producer, he couldn’t play it back on his phone.
From what I understand, the AV1 compression is geared more towards social media content. I wanted to ask if it’s a valuable alternative to H264 or H265, since it is a lossy compression with (I’ve only read about the claims being made) comperable quality to more “satandard” codecs.
If that’s the case, why is Telegram not able to play it back? And in your experience, does AV1 yeald better results in comparison to other codecs when posted on IG, Tiktok or Youtube? Because I would think that no matter how well optimized, the platforms still compress the ever living hell out of the videos.



The AV1 codec is unencumbered by licensing requirements, so it’s free for OS vendors and hardware vendors to implement in their systems, however - it’s fairly new and perhaps not widely used yet, and whereas lots of hardware can accelerate h264 or even h265 decoding, that’s not yet common for AV1.

It’s expected that it will become the dominant codec on the web over time but the day has not quite arrived.

I would guess that Telegram is using the codecs that are available on the device, and that AV1 isn’t yet available on your producer’s phone. As far as I’m aware, AV1 isn’t yet available on Apple’s MacOS or iOS.

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