Baking sRGB display view?

Howdy all, wanted to check in to make sure I’m doing this right. I’m looking to bake sRGB Display view into an image file. I found a convo here on the topic and this is what I’ve come up with. Images produced this way look right, but looks can be deceiving. Just want to make sure this approach isn’t messing up any math that might cause problems later. This is basically just the official “CG” config with a few small changes. The baking transform is at the bottom. Thank you!

- ! {name: sRGB, view_transform: ACES 1.0 - SDR Video, display_colorspace: sRGB - Display}


  • !
    name: ACES 1.0 - SDR Video
    description: |
    Component of ACES Output Transforms for SDR D65 video

    ACEStransformID: urn:ampas:aces:transformId:v1.5:ODT.Academy.RGBmonitor_100nits_dim.a1.0.3
    ACEStransformID: urn:ampas:aces:transformId:v1.5:ODT.Academy.Rec709_100nits_dim.a1.0.3
    ACEStransformID: urn:ampas:aces:transformId:v1.5:ODT.Academy.Rec2020_100nits_dim.a1.0.3
    from_scene_reference: ! {style: ACES-OUTPUT - ACES2065-1_to_CIE-XYZ-D65 - SDR-VIDEO_1.0}


  • !
    name: sRGB - Display
    aliases: [sRGB, srgb_display]
    family: Display
    equalitygroup: “”
    bitdepth: 32f
    description: Convert CIE XYZ (D65 white) to sRGB (piecewise EOTF)
    isdata: false
    categories: [file-io]
    encoding: sdr-video
    allocation: uniform
    from_display_reference: ! {style: DISPLAY - CIE-XYZ-D65_to_sRGB}

  • !
    name: sRGB SDR
    family: Output
    description: |
    For outputting images baked with sRGB - Display ACES 1.0 - SDR Video
    isdata: false
    categories: [ file-io ]
    encoding: sdr-video
    from_reference: !
    - ! {src: ACES2065-1, display: ACES, view: sRGB}
    - ! {min_in_value: 0., min_out_value: 0., max_in_value: 1., max_out_value: 1.}

I think your code is getting cut off when you post it here. You need to use the “pre format text “ option. Here’s what that last part should be, using a Display View Transform

  - !<ColorSpace>
    name: ACES 1.0 SDR-video (sRGB - Display)
    family: Baked View Output
    isdata: false
    encoding: sdr-video
    from_reference: !<GroupTransform>
        - !<DisplayViewTransform> {src: ACES2065-1, display: "sRGB - Display", view: "ACES 1.0 - SDR-video"}
        - !<RangeTransform> {min_in_value: 0., min_out_value: 0., max_in_value: 1., max_out_value: 1.}

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Oops, it did cut out a bunch of stuff. Thanks for the code, that matches what I had so I should be all set!

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