Batch converting Images for ACES tool


Finally after 1month I am happy to share with you the application I have been working on.
First thanks for the feedback provided and thanks to all the people that helped me.

The app allow you to convert quickly hundred of image to a desired colorspace in the chosen format. This is a stand-alone “portable” application that runs only on Windows for now.

The application is available for Free on Gumroad (enter the code free at checkout):

The documentation is available here(with all the features):

This is the v1.0.0 and more useful features are coming in the next releases (like .tx output)

If you have any feedback on the tool it can be shared here.


You mention one should use the word free to get the tool; although the gumroad page requires a fee of 0.80+ ?

Hey Christopher, use the Code “free” at checkout for applying the reduction. (so enter 2 as a price and add the product to your cart the go to checkout)
I used this method as Gumroad doesn’t allow to put free product over 25mb for non-pro members

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IDT - Output-sRGB please :yum:

No please no, this would just establishing bad practices! Output - sRGB is not an IDT and should not be :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I know, Output - sRGB can not use for rendering.
but it can use as a reference in render viewer like Renderman’s Image Tool

Hey, I know Output-sRGB can be very useful but I agree with Thomas that it might lead to bad practices. Furthermore the conversion process is very slow with ODT in my tool.

Thanks for your feedback thought !

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Hey Liam,
Could you shed some light as to why a conversion might fail? I’m trying to convert some textures I got from quixel, but the displacement conversion failed. I tried to convert utility-raw>ACEScg. Here’s a link to the log file:


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Hello Andrew, welcome to ACEScentral.

You should not need to convert displacement maps as they are achromatic maps.
Plus, if your rendering space is set to ACEScg (I suppose it is), Utility-Raw and ACEScg are pretty much doing the same thing in this situation (aka nothing).


Thanks Chris :slight_smile:
Some guys have recommended converting linear textures for the sake of consistency but I guess that’s just an OCD thing? lol

Not necessarily. :wink: If these linear textures contain color information such as base color (albedo), emission or specular color, they will need to be converted because of the change of primaries.


Chris explained everything !
First even if it’s is not necessary to convert you have an error cause my tool doesn’t support single-channel image, which your displacement is.
Then the Utility-Raw is available mainly for doing some simple format conversion ( for exemple jpg to exr without colorspace conversion)

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It is recommended to add support for 3D LUT (65 Point Cube)

Hey, why do you say it is recommended ?
In which part of the process do you want to add a 3D LUT ?

I would like to give this a try, but I cannot get it. I always get into a credit-card and sign-in page.

Why don’t you just put it somewhere to download if it’s free?



Hello Peter, as explained in a post above you need to go to checkout (Batch converting Images for ACES tool) and enter the code just before paying.

Also I didn’t put other link just to have download statistic, easily update the file if needed and just some commercial stuff as bringing potential customers to look at my other scripts…

sRGB to ACEScg + LUT =Exr

Thanks for your feedback but for now i don’t see this as an important feature that needs to be added.

A 3D LUT (even 64^3) is not suitable for applying to linear data like ACEScg. A shaper is needed.

@MrLixm hey, wonderful tool to save me the burden to go through nuke. Is it possible to allow for single channel maps? I tend to paint a few maps in ZBrush but it exports as tif so it works for me as a bulk format converter to exr. As I understand it, IDT Utility - RAW -> ODT ACEScg is a noop right? Also an option to disable the suffix in filename would be welcome.